Pneumatic Ball Vibrators:-

iMixx  do have various models of ball vibrator pneumatic ball vibrator to assist in the flow of difficult products Pneumatic ball vibrators allow the separation, transport and compaction of products, the unclogging of silos, hoppers, screens, the cleaning of filters, facilitate flow and eliminate blocking problems.

iMixx pneumatic vibrators generate multi directional vibrations. They are used for silo emptying, driving chutes, activating vibrating screen and vibrating table corridors and generally to clean, transport, compact and separate bulk materials and reduce friction. These vibrators can operate upto 6 Bar, depending on the centrifugal force required. They are suitable for explosive or humid environments and can also work outdoors. iMixx pneumatic vibrator manufacturer & supplier  in Mumbai, navi mumbai,India.

The frequency and centrifugal force are determined by operating pressure. iMixx  has pneumatic Ball vibrator manufacturer in Mumbai, India.

industries  :-

· Food
· Animal Feed
· Fertilizers
· Agriculture
· Pharmaceuticals
· Chemicals
· Plastics
· Cement
· Glass
· Air Treatment
· Automotive
· Mining

Usage/Application For Vibration in Hopper and chute

Material                    Aluminium Body

Pneumatic Circuit    Yes

Temperature Ambient

Product Type                    Ball Vibrator

Bearing Type                  Ball

Technique                    Vibration

Air Supply               pneumatic

Working Temperature Ambinet

Brand                          iMixx