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Loss in weight feeder / weight feeders :-

Weight-Loss-Differential’ Weigh Feeders feature a uniquely configured,Open ‘Platform’ type weighing system specifically designed by IMixx for continuous or batch weighing of dry solids or liquids on a ‘weight-loss’ basis. Weighing Systems incorporate technologically advanced, innovative lever mechanisms (scales) utilizing iMIXX designed and manufactured stainless steel flexures for all pivotal connections.  Loss in weight feeder / weight feeders which is  Frictionless in operation, these advanced weighing systems are extremely stable, rugged and counterbalanced so that only the net weight of material in the metering mechanisms (and in their supply hoppers or tanks) is accurately weighed. Various control systems encompass the latest technologies and algorithms to ensure optimum levels of performance. imixx  manufactures loss in weight feeder according to customers requirement. iMixx has a specialised experts to manufacture Loss in weight feeder. We are exporter, manufacturer,trader of Loss in weight feeder.

Loss in weight feeder / weight feeders Features and Benefits :

• iMixx Control Module or Connection Box Modular Feeding Devices

The imixx Control Module (KCM) combines the feeder control function together with the motor drive or vibratory tray drive and mounts directly on the feeder frame in an IP65 / Nema 4 enclosure.

• This eliminates the need to mount these components in remote control panels and eliminates expensive cabling between the feeder and the operator interface in the control room.

• Connecting all feeders in a process line to the operator interface in the control room is accomplished using a single cable with standard serial communications protocol.

• For hazardous or hostile environments, the KCM can be remote mounted and replaced with a connection box.