Debagging machine

Debagging Machine for Cement And Flyash Bag slitting and emptying equipment

We have a perfect solution for all your bag discharge problems. The machine ends all your dust and discharge problems once and for all.  iMixx’s automatic bag slitter machine is best suitable for the  dust-free handling and continuous operation of all types of single or multi-layered bags like the bags with liners. Paper, plastic, large, small, dense- or light-filled with granular or powdered products, will cut and empty them without problems. Depending on the properties of the product and the condition of the bags, capacities up to 20 tons per hour can be obtained. The standard execution will handle approximately 10 tons per hour.

Efficient bag handling

The method of operation is simple but very effective. It ensures that the bags are emptied with minimal residue (0, 01% – 0, 5% for free flowing products). By the appropriate design, can be operated by one man only and offers you an economic solution for your bag emptying problems. Machine can be placed on the floor from where incoming bags at the entry level of the plant or at discharge point. If this is impossible or not desired, can offer you a wide range of pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems to suit your specific needs.

Dust-free and safe working conditions

Maintenance windows and all access points to the machine interior are fitted with safety interlock switches. The machine allows very simple cleaning and have multi-pal access points  in order to handle various products without contamination. Single stand alone dust filter with extraction fan can be mounted directly on top / on side of the machine or pipe connections can be mounted to allow ducting to a filter unit or central dust collecting unit .Debagging Machine for Cement And Flyash Bag slitting and emptying equipment