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Automatic Weighing & Bagging Machine : iMixx have Automatic weighing & bagging machines as per specific material characteristic. Gravity Feed machines are specifically used for Free Flowing material (granular) . In case of Powder material we do provide screw Feed or vibratory feed Bagging Machine . We have Net weigher and gross weigher machine , suitable for Open mouth bags types and valve type bags.

• Manual aid can auto-complete following work: 

Filling in infeed hopper ,  Weighing, filling, sealing or stitching bags and conveying 

Machines manufactured according the GMP standard, it more fits in case of free flowing or low fluidity materials, uch as talcum powder, milk powder, fodder, rice powder, coffee powder white sugar,  pharmaceuticals, solid beverage, dextrose, granular additive, agriculture pesticide,  dyestuff and more

• Main features: 

Complete structure of the machine made of stainless steel or Mild steel , depending on customer’s requirement , Drive unit like motor and gearbox , cylinder, electrical accessories, pneumatic components, sewing machine are from standard makes. 

Very easy to remove the residual material from the machine: the screw is a easy clean and can be directly inserted and draw out alone for washing and maintenance.

• Technical parameters: 

Metering mode: weighing (along with the packing bag) 

Packing weight: 1 , 2 , 5 , 25,  50, 100, 500 & 1000 Kgs packer

Feeding mode: Single or twin screw feeder (or vibrator feeder) 

Filling accuracy: ≤±0.5% / sigma 

Stitching  / Sealing machine: heat sealing machine  And/ or  sewing machine 

Filling rate: ≤3 – 4  bags/minute.