1. Bag centralization- Machine inlet

The bags can be fed to the inlet of the machine by roller or belt conveyor. Both ways the bags are presented to a set of grip faced powered rollers situated within the machine inlet. The powered rollers propel the bags forward between adjustable side guides to centralize the bags prior to the main.

2. Automatic location

A bag passing through the centralizing guides is automatically collected by the twin chain conveyor. The double  chain conveyor is equipped with a series of knife points to hold the edges of the bag. A set of adjustable imixx rollers exert pressure on the bags, to ensure that they are fully impaled on the knife points of the conveying chains.

3. Bag slitting

The conveyor chains picks the bag and  transport the bags directly to a centrally mounted circular rotating knife which is driven by a separate drive unit. The rotating knife is adjustable for cutting depth. Bags are conveyed across the rotating knife and are slit open lengthwise.

4. Product discharge

After being opened the bags remain firmly held by the knife points of the conveyor chains. The material with bag contents are now discharged by gravity through the flanged outlet connection.

5. Vibration of bags

In order to ensure complete discharge of material and minimum retention of product, the conveyor chains are vibrated by pneumatic vibrator units. The vibration effect is adjustable for frequency.

6. Empty bag discharge

The  bags which are empty progress to the head shaft of the chain conveyor and are released from the knife points by a rotating discharge drum. The empty bags are discharged from the discharge chute of the machine where by they are collected by either a automatic waste bag compactor .